snow flakes

Thursday, March 10, 2011

this is the first time in my life that i remember so much snow in the middle of the march. it was still so pretty, and i had 2 days off from school, so i went out to take photos, but couldn't stay out for so long because it was snowing pretty heavily and i was afraid of getting my camera wet.

i've always loved snow. it's one of those things make winter beautiful. it's hard for me to love winter, i'm a summer person, but when it snows, i'm probably the happiest person in the whole world. i just love how white everywhere is. it looks so pure and innocent even in the biggest city. and i love that sound of silence that snow brings. everything is so quite and cold, yet warm. it gives me that gap for thinking and feeling that i needed for so long. usually, my life is quite loud so i can't overthink things, or i prefer not to. but yesterday, i grab a cup of coffee and sat down by my window for hours, and i thought about the things, the things i've been trying to figure out, the things i've been postponing. people thinks that i'm the most careless person ever, even my bestfriend says that to me. you'd probably say that, too, if you knew me in person. but that's the side i prefer to show to people, i'm keeping a huge part of who i am quite. i feel like if i let anyone see who i really am, they're gonna break me. i've been running away from people since i realized it's easier to live that way. sometimes i feel like giving up, i feel like breaking this attitude, but i'm even too afraid of that. i'm afraid of stepping outside of the box. writing, it's even too much honesty for me. i'm saying things to people i don't know, the things which are i'm even afraid of admitting to myself. life is quite weird sometimes.

anyways, snow was so beautiful, especially when it's march, it's much more beautiful. seeing how much fun people are having made me feel really good. it was an escape from all this rush, all this city life, it was an excuse for people to run away from their sorrow, stress and all that stuff.

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