suburbans of ankara

Monday, May 02, 2011

my friend hazal, my turkish literature teacher and I took a trip to the suburbans of where we live. those were the people who are living a whole lot different lives than ours. all those people we met was so nice and loving to us, so i really enjoyed seeing the "flip side" of where i've been living for 17 years.

lovely old guy we met at the bazaar. he was almost there for his whole life and he was nice enough to tell us his story.

my literature teacher. he's also a photographer. he's photos and he himself are my muse.

the guy who was making paternosters.

hazal and i pretended like we were tourists and we didn't know any turkish and all of a sudden people got much more interested in us. this guy was a fishmonger with a quite interesting look and invited us to hold a fish so we could take photos and all. i didn't want to touch it with my bare hands but hazal did.

a guy who's been around there while we were wandering around. he came to us to talk.

he's name was kadir and he was the cutest little boy i've ever seen. too bad this photo is overexposed but sun was shining way too brightly so that was the best i could get.

she's a native we came across while we were walking. she was eager to tell us her story as much as we were to listen.

gypsies we came across while they're having a "wedding ceremony" in the middle of the street. i haven't seen that kind of weddings for ages. it was so exciting and fun to be there.

a gypsy at the wedding. she was totally rocking their country dance.

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  1. great photos, they really capture the mood. i love the cute little boy with the freckles :)


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