Monday, August 08, 2011

i went to sarımsaklı, ayvalık for holiday.
it was nice to be there, to breathe fresh air, to be outside all day and stuff.

as we were leaving ankara;

 sunrise, just as we arrived there;
 our room's window by the afternoon;
 this guy and his son were selling vegetables they grew in their own field;
 sunset at the beach;
 on the road as we were going to devil's table;
 devil's footprint;
 people trying to see that footprint;
 people who came to watch the sunset there;
 sunset at the devil's table. they say it has the most beautiful view in the world to see the sunsets. it really has a wonderful view of the coves and islands around ayvalık.
people watching the sunset;

seagulls i saw on our boat trip;
people at alibey island;
little brother with his ice cream;
a man selling scratch tickets, at alibey island;
a cat being lazy around in an alley;
people at alibey island;
a girl selling bubble-pop machines at alibey island;
little boys working at our boat;
alibey island, that was the best view i could get;
driver on our way back to the hotel;
a man on the bus;
a man selling watermelons, captured through the bus' window;
little cottages we were staying at;
backyard of where we stayed;

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  1. OMG! The photos you took during your vacation are amazing! I don't know if your amateur or a pro, but you definitely should keep capturing perfect moments, and I'll follow your blog with pleasure.

  2. These are so, so pretty! I love all your color schemes!

  3. looks like a lovley place to be in!

  4. Love this photos of trees...the sun is so amazing!nice time...:)


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