Tuesday, January 03, 2012

since everybody is doing that, i thought i could give a try and this year deserved it, with it's ups and downs, worst and bests. as i was editing these photos,  they felt like years ago and felt like just yesterday at the same time. anyways, as i am terrible with the words, here we go:

first day of the year, new and shiny harley davidsons.

first photoshoot of the year with one of my besties, i still can't get over how beautiful that day was.

i shot friends band while they were in studio, which was fun.

while we were in semester holiday, i headed to my best friend's. she lives in a university campus -which is utterly amazing-. we had so much fun and a little impromptu photoshoot there.
this is her cat "pamuk" and i.

second semester of our junior year, cansın and zeynep.

we shot a short film this year. and we failed. kinda. but i regret nothing about that.

how we fill our days at school, hazal and i

it snowed so heavily in the middle of the march, so my brother and i went outside and had heaps of fun

dad's birthday, mid march

mid april, me, hazal and i went to the suburbans of our city. it was a beautiful day which i blogged about before.

may, university festival where i had the time of my life.

i didn't photoshopped this image, my camera had some water in it due to the fact that it was raining cats and dogs, so it was producing images like that.

we went to bekir coşkun's office -he is a well-known journalist- in the name of our school for an interview. i did the photographing part.

a day late 17th birthday present, watching sunset here and listening to the most beautiful stories from someone i truly admire.

beginning of june, hazal and i went for an adventure and found a little piece of heaven, which i am definitely going again.

i had a little exhibition at school. some "important people" came and saw my photographs, but all i got was a "well done". (shame on me for expecting a scholarship or any kind of support.)

us, making no sense at all.

zoo with a friend. i felt sorry for those animals.

mid summer, brother in downtown.

sarımsaklı, ayvalık, where i holidayed this year. this one was taken in early morning.

afternoon naps

devil's table, the most beautiful sunset.

seagulls on our boat trip.

alibey island

greenhouse i found while i was exploring around

little brother is 9 years old now!

simay, a dearly loved friend who moved to australia due to her father's business.

good old days.

cansın, hazal and zeynep.

december 15, granpa passed away at his 85. he was diagnosed with leukemia. i knew he loved us to the moon and back, and he knew he was loved too. i will never forget the things i learnt from him. this is an old photo of him and grandma, from 2010. it's unbelievable how the time flies.

last days of a year, an avenue in the late night.

brother won bronze medal at ankara chess championship.

and this was the last photo of the year.
wow, i can't believe that another year went by that fast. i'm much more different person than i was a year ago, and i'm sure i will be much more different a year later. 2012 will be the year of drastic changes for me, i'll finish high school, i will go to college, god knows which one. i will move on. i will do better than before as a person who is strong and knows what she wants.
2012, please be good to me.
happy -a little late- new year everyone!

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  1. fotoğrafın büyüklüğü değil işlevidir önemlisi işlevi de çekenden kaynaklanır. ne güzel düşünülmüş saçma bişey yazdım çekmek mekmek. eline sağlık baharım yeteneklisin. worldwide!

  2. The greenhouse photo is so beautiful, and it looks like you had some great adventures. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather though. Happy 2012!

  3. I wanna do this, too. Recap of 2011. :)
    Beautiful photographs!


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